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Licensing your music to various TV/Film and other commercial projects can be a very lucrative source of income for the Independent artist!  Indie music can be obtained much more inexpensively than major label music, so music supervisors are constantly on the hunt for top quality music produced by the NON-major label artist. At Guitar Girls, we are seeking to establish a wide cross section of music to pitch to our connections, so genre is open as long as your music is well-recorded. If we hear a song we really dig but the recording quality isn’t up to the standard of what we submit, we may offer you a deal for re-doing your music.  To submit to Guitar Girls Dotcom Publishing (BMI) by email, please write to: GuitarGirlsLicensing@gmail.com Please do not attach more than one .mp3 to your correspondence. Pick your best song to attach and if you’d like us to hear more, please link to additional songs on a web page. Please do not submit any music for which you do not control the publishing and master recordings.  Should we select your music for licensing, you will be required to sign a simple NON-exclusive agreement giving us legal permission to submit music on your behalf.   To send snail mail, physical CD’s, etc. to Guitar Girls: Guitar Girls Entertainment Company c/o Lynn Carey Saylor P.O. Box 280010 Northridge, CA 91328-0010
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